Entered Apprentice

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The course  is required to be completed by Entered Apprentices prior to their promotion to the Second Degree.

The aim of the course is not to make candidates “experts” in freemasonry, but rather to give them a broad knowledge of its principles, teachings, history and workings. The syllabus for the course, set at “High School” standard, involves candidate’s reading elected extracts from various applicable Masonic books. Thus, a candidate is not required to gain and consult any books, per se, although an extensive “non-compulsory” reading list is attached for those desirous of extending their knowledge further.

About the Course Author
Kent Henderson, PJGD, is a trained educator, he is a Past Master of The Victorian Lodge of Research No. 218 and co-editor of its annual Transactions. He is a graduate of the Grand Lodge of South Australia’s Masonic Education Course, and the author of many papers and books on freemasonry including Masonic World Guide (Lewis Masonic, London, 1984) and The Masonic Grand Masters of Australia (Drakeford, Melbourne, 1989). He is a member of most other Masonic Degrees and Orders, and a past master in many.

Adapted from: http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/masonic_education.html